• Issue management – crisis management

    Every organisation acts as a social protagonist during the public opinion process. This is why it is important to identify pertinent issues as soon as possible, especially, but not only, in times of crisis. pollytix can help you identify and actively manage any arising concerns before they turn into problems.

    We can provide answers to the following questions:

    • How important is the problem according to the collective opinion?
    • What is your target group’s or the public’s level of knowledge?
    • Where can more relevant information be found?
    • Do concerns or apprehensions exist, and if so, why?
    • Which means of communication can be used to target and inform the public and/or relevant actors?
    • Who are the key players with the ability to effectively disseminate information towards other relevant actors?
  • Opinion research – social research

    To conduct opinion research is to understand collective mindsets: What do people think and feel? What are their values and attitudes? How do they change over time? We could not imagine anything more exciting in these times of great social change than to ask these questions again and again on a daily basis. We want to understand the public, to identify opinions, apprehensions, and causes of distress, and to anticipate change long before it begins.

  • Campaign management – developing communication strategies

    Successful campaigns don’t just emerge from the brains of creative people following their gut feelings. Stellar campaigns are created in tandem with well-monitored target groups. Creation builds on research as a guiding framework rather than a stifling impediment.

    pollytix can help develop strong campaigns. We test which messages really work and which means of communication are the most effective in conveying them.

  • Election campaign consultation – election research

    Research alone will not win an election. But it will greatly facilitate the win. Drawing from our experience in over 20 election campaigns in Germany and abroad, we have learned that research is only effective if campaign strategists are able to work with the results. That is why our approach is strictly output-oriented.

    We generally work with a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods and an increasing frequency leading up to the day of the election. Our goals and research services include:

    • Achieving an optimal position for political parties and leading personnel.
    • Target group analyses for resource efficient targeting.
    • Developing and testing the most successful messages.
    • Conducting structured monitoring during the most crucial phases of the election to enable a flexible adjustment of campaign strategies and tactics.

    Find out what strategic election research can accomplish here.